The Red Flag Image Company

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Frisco TX 75033

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The Red Flag Image Company is a full service reputation and image building/repair firm, capable of handling all of your brand strategy needs.


Our mission is to protect your name, your brand, your company, your leaders, your executives, and your products and services from misleading and, in many cases fraudulent online posts, reviews, images, videos and other negative items that challenge your credibility. 

We are owned and managed by Mike Magolnick, a bestselling author and well-respected authority on social media and reputation management.

The reputation management industry has grown exponentially due to the increase of availability of tools and services that enable people to share more information in more places quicker and easier than ever.

Over the past seven years, we've worked with hundreds of companies and executives, as well as numerous celebrities to help with reputation issues. In many cases, Mike has been in the position of PR lead/publicist for certain clients, helping to personally navigate the world of reputation management and consult on various important issues.

Mike has been on the forefront of numerous crises for his clients and has helped mitigate larger problems due to his quick response and expert advice.

Mike's book, 'Tweet Tweet Boom' instantly became a best seller and has been used in schools, churches, and various organizations as a guide to help people stay protected.

The Red Flag Image Company has assembled an amazing, talented team of professionals whose backgrounds, work ethic, influence, and ingenuity will help this company grow and flourish.

Troy Dooly

Head of Global Strategy

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Alexis Peterson

Office of the CEO

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Mike Magolnick

Founder / CEO

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Roger Gaskins

Head of Operations and Finance

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Coming Soon

Board of Directors and Advisory Board members

The company is in the process of solidifying NDAs and Board agreements with several high-profile executives.


Our plan is for a five to seven member BOD and an Advisory Board with 10-12 people that will team up on company growth committees, such as marketing, operations, partner development, etc.