Token Presale


The new SPIRE token will support the upcoming launch of the SPIRE Suite business, marketing, and communications platform.

Tokens will be used throughout the SPIRE Suite for upgrades, incentives, and special token-only features. Token holders will also have access to exclusive SPIRE Suite integrations and partner offers, including marketing and promotional credits. 


The new FLAG token ties directly into The Red Flag Image Company and Flag Media and will directly assist and impact the company's reputation management programs from Red Flag as well as the dozens of owned media properties at Flag Media.

Tokens will be used for content management incentives as well as various actions and activities supporting reputation management efforts. Clients will be able to use FLAG tokens to upgrade services, secure information and communication, and subscribe to exclusive features.  



  • The presale bundle includes 1 SPIRE token and 1 FLAG token and is $1 ($0.50 per token)


To participate, you must have a Polygon Matic wallet. It works exactly like Ethereum, but is faster and much less expensive. We are building our own wallet application, but it will not be ready until after presale.


  1. Get your wallet -

  2. Fill out the form below, including your email address, payment method (preferred exchange currency - Bitcoin, Ethereum, cash, Venmo, etc), the $ amount of the presale bundle you want, and your Polygon Wallet address

  3. We will email you the instructions on where to transfer your exchange currency and what to expect.  

The exchange currency is basically what you are sending us in order to pay for the token presale. We need this info so we can send you the proper instructions/wallet address to send funds to. Please email if you have any questions about a particular exchange method.

Thanks for applying. We will email you soon with transfer information.

DISCLAIMER: This is an invite and approval only process. This is not an offering of securities. As with all cryptocurrency, this is highly speculative. There is no guarantee that there will ever be value to these tokens beyond this presale.