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John Mattera had $15 million stolen from him. The thieves manufactured a criminal case against him and used crooked FBI agents to launder that money through the criminal justice system, with the help of the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York.  Then they threw him in prison and told him he had to pay another $14 million in restitution.  Meanwhile, his wife divorced him, his son disowned him, his friends abandoned him, and his mother died.

The sham conviction and theft of millions from John Mattera and his investors was perpetrated by Bradford van Siclen and a team of serial scamsters led by Stephen Careaga, who used a fake charity to steal millions of dollars of money intended for victims of 9/11, alleged former Irish terrorist Patrick J. Lochrie with David Otto as their lawyer.  Their handlers in the FBI profited from the illegal proceeds of their crimes with full impunity (Suter v. US, No. 05-1521 (4th Cir. 2006)).  Their enablers include the Department of Treasury and the Southern District of New York under Preet Bharara.

Before Preet Bharara was fired from his position as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York he won an astonishing 80 cases against wealthy defendants, with zero losses.  He believed he would be the next US Attorney General, replacing the scandal-plagued Eric Holder.  Bharara ensured his record with judge shopping, to consistently get similar cases in front of Judge Richard Sullivan, who was sympathetic to the government’s position, which drew the ire of the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.  Bharara also stretched the definition of the law to the breaking point, resulting in flimsy indictments and sham convictions that were eventually dismissed or overturned . . . but not before destroying billions of dollars of legitimate businesses.  Bharara used the media as a weapon against his targets, leaking exaggerated allegations to the press using disgraced FBI agent David Chaves, who is under investigation and being watched by Federal Judge P Kevin Castel.


The FBI handlers were John Firo, aka John Vega, aka John Osa, aka several others; and disgraced former FBI agent Ross Gaffney who is suspected of using a third party to tip off CIA money launderer Robert Allen Stanford while Gaffney was the head of the FBI’s investigation into the banker. John Firo and Ross Gaffney are listed as Directors or Officers of several companies along with Patrick Lochrie, van Siclen (via a proxy), and other members of the scam squad.  Most or all of these companies can be safely assumed to be fraudulent, or money-laundering fronts for the FBI.

The modus operandi of the scamsters and their FBI handlers begins with a company, or several companies.  These companies send out a series of fluffed up press releases claiming huge asset gains and often multi-million dollar investments from wealthy Saudi investors.  These schemes invariably end up being multi-million dollar pump and dumps.  The illegally gained money is laundered via the FBI’s asset forfeiture and disbursement to confidential informants, who are the ones committing the actual crimes with the protection of the US government.  The FBI justifies the taking of this money by using it in subsequent sting operations. Though, where the rest of the millions of dollars stolen from American investors go is never answered.  It can be assumed that the money finds its way into the hands of those who would be most adept in hiding it, namely the top white-collar crime investigators for the FBI:  John Firo/Vega/Osa and Ross Gaffney.

This is exactly what happened to John Mattera.  Bradford van Siclen helped steal $3 million from Mattera in a pump and dump, then two years later reemerged claiming he could recoup Mattera’s losses.  He appeared to do so on paper via stock value in the pumped and dumped company, then pitched Mattera on another company:  Saudi American Holdings Corp (SAHN).  Unbeknownst to Mattera, SAHN was the very same company involved in the scam squad’s prior pump and dumps, linked extensively above.  In 2006, Reality Wireless Networks and Recab International pumped their stock price up to almost $500/share, then dumped their shares on the market, tanking the price to below $2/share and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from American investors.  Those companies, as well as Nannaco, Inc. and Amenni, Inc. reverse merged into each other to become Saudi American Holdings Corp, an FBI storefront and money laundering vehicle.  This is the company Bradford van Siclen pitched to John Mattera, adding that SAHN had recently ‘acquired’ Trident Aerospace Industries, and that a ‘Saudi Sheikh’ was investing hundreds of millions of dollars into the company.  They produced falsified EDGAR filings and a fake ‘audit’ by KPMG.  They produced a photo of Patrick Lochrie shaking hands with said ‘Sheikh’ holding a check for several hundred million Saudi Riyal.  The ‘Sheikh’ was in fact an FBI agent in disguise.  Later, that ‘Sheikh’ was ‘revealed’ to be Saudi Prince H.R.H. Badr bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz al Saud-Dir.  It is unlikely that Badr knows he was an investor in this company, or if so, there are some serious questions that need answering about his involvement.  As for Trident Aerospace, Trident owner Matthew Marsenison thought that SAHN would purchase his company, signed over his shares in exchange for a promissory note, paid Brad van Siclen and David Carruthers’s salaries for a year, and ultimately had to sue to reclaim ownership of his company during the height of the 2008 financial crisis.

John Mattera took the bait and purchased more than $12 million worth of SAHN shares, which he held in his family investment company, Ischian Holdings.  Mattera agreed to pay the salaries of Brad van Siclen and David Carruthers while waiting for the Saudi funds to ‘clear’ and the company to be fully funded. 

In the meanwhile, Brad van Siclen had another idea to pitch.  Goldman Sachs had recently devised a novel way to get around the SEC’s 100-person limit to hedge fund ownership by using 100 single-purpose-vehicles (SPV) each with 100 owners, which in turn own an umbrella fund, thus allowing for 10,000 or more owners of a single fund.  Brad van Siclen pitched to John Mattera that they create an identically structured fund for private companies with impending IPOs, such as Facebook, Groupon, and Zynga.  In retrospect, if Brad van Siclen had done what he said, he would be a billionaire many times over solely from the Facebook stock.  In reality, Brad van Siclen never had any intention of actually purchasing any stock in these companies, intending instead to steal the incoming money for himself, his collaborators, and his FBI handlers.

John Mattera helped Brad van Siclen establish bona fide SPV companies with representation from the top international law firms in the world, with van Siclen as the sole officer and director of all the companies.  Mattera paid for van Siclen’s travel and expenses while building these investment vehicles.  They called it The Praetorian Global Fund.  Mattera believed in the idea so much that he offered to sell Ischian Holdings, which held actual shares of Facebook as well as the supposedly valuable SAHN stock to help populate Praetorian.  Brad van Siclen signed a promissory note for Mattera’s family investment company, ostensibly to be paid to Mattera from the profits of SAHN and Praetorian.

Mattera had recently purchased millions of dollars of pre-IPO shares of the promising electric car company, Fisker, via an introduction made by Brad van Siclen.  Mattera agreed to sell those shares to Praetorian, via another SPV created solely for that purpose called Wilshire Capital Partners, of which Brad van Siclen was the sole officer and director. Brad van Siclen told Mattera that he transferred ownership of the Fisker shares to Praetorian and began selling shares of Fisker to Praetorian’s investors.  In fact, Brad van Siclen never transferred ownership of the Fisker shares, intending to keep them for himself once his con had run its course.  The shares he sold from Praetorian, unbeknownst to Mattera, were entirely fraudulent, just like every other thing Brad van Siclen did.

While Brad van Siclen and David Carruthers were running their con against John Mattera, they enlisted the help of their friends, unlicensed brokers and habitual pump and dumpers all.  Mattera was presented with the bill for the expenses incurred by these brokers, whom he believed were legitimate and registered with FINRA.  Mattera paid every bill presented to him, racking up millions of dollars in expenses thinking that there was a huge payout in the end.  Occasionally, Brad van Siclen would pay down a portion of his debt on Ischian Holdings using the proceeds from his fraudulent sale of stock in Praetorian, while telling Mattera that SAHN was imminently solvent.  SAHN would never be solvent.  At the same time Brad van Siclen was scamming Mattera, David Carruthers and Patrick Lochrie were trying to use SAHN to scam another wealthy investor named as ‘Al-Attar.’  Al-Attar never paid up, because the ‘Saudi Sheikh’ the scam squad used could barely speak Arabic and Al-Attar smelled a scam.  SAHN would not be solvent, and the string of frauds would soon come crumbling down without additional victims to defraud.  So, Brad van Siclen had Patrick Lochrie call in his FBI handlers.  In a text message conversation between Brad and unregistered broker Anthony DiGiovanni Jr, they came up with their solution:  “Good news is we can spin it and blame John and publicly remove him, lol.”  Soon after, Brad told Mattera that he had received a “Letter of Interest” from the SEC.  Mattera told Brad to simply show them the books for Praetorian and they would be satisfied that all was in order.

Brad van Siclen had previously introduced Mattera to the powerful Wall Street law firm Gusrae, Kaplan, Nusbaum PLLC (GKN) to resolve an issue with another investment Mattera had made.  Mattera retained GKN’s services for that case.  When Brad told Mattera that the SEC issue was not going away and that they needed legal help, Mattera again retained the services of GKN on his behalf and on behalf of Brad and Praetorian.  Instead of representing him faithfully, GKN instead used their privileged access to attorney/client information to manufacture a case against John Mattera.  They worked against their own client without his knowledge to get Brad van Siclen off the hook for Brad’s crimes.  GKN is an accomplice to the FBI’s pump and dump money laundering apparatus. 

The case with the SEC was accompanied by a criminal complaint via the FBI, and the jurisdiction moved to the Southern District of New York under Preet Bharara.  John Mattera’s house was raided.  The FBI attempted to use asset forfeiture to take Mattera’s house, but he was only leasing the home.  The agents’ reaction was disappointment and dejection.  The SEC froze Mattera’s assets and confiscated all the value of his E-Trade account, several million dollars.  The FBI bugged Mattera’s cell phones and even hacked into them while he was sleeping to send texts and emails ostensibly from Mattera in an attempt to make extra victims of Mattera’s wealthy friends.

When Mattera sat down with the SDNY’s prosecutors, he expressed his confusion about why he was there.  “Why not go after Brad?  He has all the money.”  The Assistant US Attorney confirmed then that they knew Brad was a government agent:  he laughed and said, “Brad’s broke!”  In the months that followed, GKN represented Brad against Mattera in a flagrant conflict of interest violation.  GKN also stole the settlement gained from Mattera’s previous retainment of their firm, then claimed that Mattera had never been a client of theirs.  The investigation into GKN’s behavior by the New York Bar is ongoing.  

Preet Bharara’s rogue FBI agent David Chaves followed the script, leaking false news to the press about Bharara’s latest target:  John Mattera.  A series of damning stories appeared in the press and financial blogs, each with more outrageous falsehoods than the last.  The SDNY withheld exculpatory evidence from John Mattera in clear violation of Brady v. Maryland precedent.  Bharara’s office shopped the criminal indictment to be brought in front of their preferred judge, Judge Richard Sullivan. The prosecution threatened to imprison John Mattera’s wife and his ill elderly mother, who would certainly have died from the stress.  Under that pressure, Mattera caved and agreed to a plea deal.  During his plea hearing, Mattera clearly had no idea what crimes he was admitting to, at one point apparently pleading guilty to tax evasion, which was not in the indictment.

John Mattera was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison and ordered to pay $14 million in restitution.  He has since paid the entirety of that amount.  None of the actual victims of Brad van Siclen’s crimes have received a penny in recompense.  Brad van Siclen remained free while the government prosecutors requested extension after extension to ‘calculate appropriate restitution’ and ‘recommend appropriate sentencing.’  Finally, when Judge P Kevin Castel lost his patience and ordered the government prosecutors to decide, the government’s decision was to forgive Brad of all his restitution, allowing him to skate free without paying a cent.  He was sentenced to a mere four months in prison, of which he never served a day. 


Meanwhile, Brad and his accomplices have continued to defraud American investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars, with companies like CareerNet Global and OI Partners, Inc.  Their latest fraud starts with RChain Cooperative, which netted the scamsters several hundred million dollars in cryptocurrency.  They moved on to Reflective Ventures Partners once it was clear that RChain had run its course.  Reflective Ventures claims to have raised $100 million in funding in a single round.  Recently, they have again rebranded to become CounterPointe Ventures.  With experience as a guide, every one of these companies is a scam, whether the employees and true believers of the companies know it or not.  It is only a matter of time before someone involved goes to prison for fraud, and it will not be the true perpetrators of the crime.

John Mattera has since proven his innocence and awaits his day in court to lay out his case against the true culprits who stole his money and the money of his investors.  He has pledged never to rest until his investors are made whole and his name is cleared.  President Trump’s pardon team is reviewing John Mattera’s case for a presidential pardon. 



- Sebastian Melmoth

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