This is a general guide to our pricing strategy. EVERY client has different needs and we will be able to work individually to make sure you receive the appropriate service offering at the price that will get the job done.
Direct Protect

Direct Protect is exclusive to direct selling industry leaders. The base program is $249 for set-up and $79/month.

Executives & Celebrities

Corporate executives and celebrities have similar reputation-related challenges. Set up will range $249 up to $1999 and monthly will range $99 up to $799. Note: special circumstances might add to the set-up and monthly fees.

Reputation REHAB

The Reputation Rehab program services start at $10,000 for set-up and go up to $50,000. Monthly fees start as low as $5,000 and will average $12,500.  Note this program will average $75,000-100,000 for the year with 20% up front and the balance spread over 11 subsequent months.


Businesses start at $3,500 for set-up and can go up to $15,000. Monthly fees start at $2,200 and will average $4,000. All contracts are unique.

Direct Selling Companies

Direct Selling Companies have different needs than standard businesses. Set up costs start at $3,750 and go up to $22,500. Monthly fees start at $2,500 and will average $4,500.

Crisis Management

Crisis management services will start at $2,500 per instance and can average $10,000 to $20,000. Each instance is unique. Discussions on Crisis Management services and pricing will take place on a per-instance basis.