The Red Flag Image Blog!

Hi! Welcome to the Red Flag Image Company blog! My name is Melissa Creery and I will be posting weekly on all things newsworthy, marketing innovations and what we, at Red Flag, are up to.

To tell you a little bit more about myself, I am the Communications Director here at Red Flag. I am a recent grad from West Texas A&M University and now a Dallas, TX local! From photography to painting I find my passion and escape in the creative arts. I even have a side hustle doing photoshoots for weddings, couples and families!

With this blog, I want to cover whats going on in America and how marketing correlates to those current events. I want to discuss new innovations and up and coming trends in the marketing industry. Lastly, I want to show a broad picture as to not only what we do here at the Red Flag Image Company but give an inside look into our culture, giving readers a chance to get to know our team.

In today’s society we all should be more open to suggestions. We need to look at life with open ears and eyes. As the writer for this blog I am always looking for the next story, news, and idea! I welcome readers to email me at and start a conversation about what you know or what you want to see from this blog.

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