The Excitement of Critiq: engage with experts and make your life/business/performance better…

We need your expertise. We have the users pending and are in need of more experts who are willing to get paid for providing advice.


Critiq enables experts to monetize their knowledge and expertise while helping others succeed. Create 1-2 min videos on your own time giving your expert opinion, analysis, and advice on users technique, content, or performance. Join the world's best athletes, artists, models, musicians, photographers, creators, and many more. A Critiq is not a meeting. There are no 1:1's and nothing to schedule. Record responses when you have a few minutes, in between flights, at the hotel, or before work. All the users want is your expertise, advice, and feedback on all their hard work.


Our mission is to connect people who need a breakthrough with experts who know their craft so well that they can provide specific, personalized feedback and have a massive impact both quickly and efficiently.

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