How Do I Know My Brand Has Been Designed Correctly?

Here at The Red Flag Image Company, we are the experts that help craft, tell, and protect your story and brand.

What is it that sets you apart from the rest? In society today, everyone is competing to be at the top.Whether it is in your business or personal brand, it is essential that steps be taken in order to ensure that your brand IS your competitive advantage.

5 Factors that can be essential for your business and its success

1. Relevance. Are you relevant in regards to your brand? Relevancy is extremely important when it comes to your overall success. Take a step back and see what steps need to be taken in order to make sure you are connecting with your audience.

2. Differentiation. What is it that sets YOU apart from everyone else? It is adamant that you figure out what it is that will aid in building brand preference. What is it about your brand and your story that will attract individuals to you over other competition?

3. Loyalty. Have you created a loyal customer and partner base? The key to winning over individuals relies on your brand being both authentic and consistent. Your customer/partners should be able to count on you to deliver an outstanding outcome overtime.

4. Coherence. Is your value proposition coherent? Coherence is important when trying to ensure that people are confident in your brand promise. Are you living up to what you stand for?

5. Momentum. Are you staying on top of the trends and needs of your stakeholders? Think about physics….It takes a substantial amount of force to get something moving but, once you get it moving, it tends to keep moving with less and less force. Think of force as exposure! One way to build momentum is by driving more exposure to your brand.

Our strategy to help you create a great brand identity includes:

· Enabling your brand to represent unique and lasting value by POSITIONING it as a leader in the respective marketplace

· Creating an impactful MESSAGING strategy for communicating your company/product/service story

· Develop meaningful identity DESIGNS for greatest visual impact

· Suggest and create memorable names and NAMING strategies for organizations with complex product and brand portfolios

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