Why Your Website Matters

Nearly every brand/company that you will ever come across has a website that demonstrates what they offer to the public. With the billions of options that are available, what is it that makes YOUR website stand out beyond the rest?

With the prevalence of social media, many brands are leaving a crucial element out of their equation….their website. With all of the focus being shifted on these new and thriving social media outlets, a lot of companies’ websites are becoming outdated and tired. What many of them may not know is that good and clean websites are more critical now than ever before. Every social media outlet that your brand has connects, or should connect, directly to your website. Why have great social media presence that leads to a boring website?

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Important

1. All social outlets lead directly to your website

If you are a business every Instagram

Post, Tweet, Facebook update, or blog post you make should have a centralized goal of bringing in traffic to your website to find out more. If your website is not clean and easy to navigate, consumers can and will easily go straight to the competitors.

2. Your website is permanent

Social media outlets may change and become more or less popular over the years, however, one thing that won’t have to change is your website. Remember how MySpace went to Facebook and now Google+ is all the rage. Regardless of when these sites go out of date, your companies’ never has to.

3. Only your website can include detailed information

Your website is the main place where visitors that may be interested can go and learn all of the details on what your company has to offer. When it comes to the level of information that can and needs to be displayed, a website offers more leeway in comparison to social media outlets. An example of this is if you are looking for information on a restaurant such as the full menu and how many locations they may have, you go to the website.

4. You have complete control over your website

When it comes to your company/brand, you have complete control over your website. This includes how it may look, the navigation, and the whole vibe in general. This allows you to have a substantial amount of more options to demonstrate your brand the way you want it to be seen in comparison to other social media outlets. For example, while Instagram does offer customization to an extent, your creativity and branding will always be limited in some way. In addition to this, sites like Instagram and Facebook are constantly changing the look of their sites and policies without your companies’ opinions considered.

5. Your website is a centralized reference point

At the end of the day, your website is what ties everything together in the digital marketing world.Being able to go to one centralized place with detailed information while also being able to visualize the brand message is extremely vital. Not to say that any business should ignore their social media presence.Your website should simply be just as important.

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