There is a big difference between reputation management for normal businesses and reputation management for direct selling companies.

While most reputation issues are one-dimensional and have a straightforward process for solution, the issues surrounding direct selling companies are multi-dimensional. For example, while ALL companies need to be cognizant of their advertising practices, direct selling companies are an easy target for Truth in Advertising issues. This is because while a company could maintain a very clean corporate structure and strong internal controls, it is very hard to control any narrative being shared by the field of independent contractors.


We've seen it countless times where an independent agent / affiliate / rep / distributor / IBO says whatever they have to in order to get the sale, even if it's completely fraudulent. The burden then lies on the company to prove it has done everything right and fix it.

In the direct selling space, there are also numerous publications that make their living on reporting negative things about the companies in the industry - even if it's not true. There is always a negative spin and there is nothing that the targeted companies can do about it. These online publications are mostly subjective junk, however they make a huge impact on the credibility (and in some cases, the operations) of the business.  

At RED FLAG, we have more than 20 years of experience working with direct selling companies and we know how to take action, what actions to take, and what needs to be done to fix the problems. 

We will not just give you some software and send you on your way. We will do the work, assessing the problem, creating the plan for resolution, and executing.

The cost for this service is a lot less than you think! RED FLAG will save you at least 5x versus increasing your internal staff for this type of monitoring; not to mention the HR cost of the additional employees and experience/need for training.